Hi everyone!

I think by now everyone has seen, and heard about the devastation that Hurricane Harvey has caused. There are pictures, videos, and stories everywhere about how people and animals have been affected. It’s heartbreaking to see all the damage, and hear about the losses. It’s safe to say that the people who have been impacted are going to need help and support from others. I just wanted to take this post to encourage everyone to consider giving to the people there.

There are all kind of different places I’ve seen that are collecting money. I definitely recommend doing your research before just donating to anyone though. It’s okay if you can’t afford to give a lot because even the smallest amount can help.

If you want to give, then check out THIS ARTICLE from NPR. They give a list of many different places that are donating to Hurricane Harvey. Also in the music world you have people like Chris Young who have decided to start Go Fund Me pages to raise donations. You can check out Chris’ Go Fund Me page HERE. The band Pierce the Veil is also selling this really cool shirt, and giving all the proceeds to the the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. Or you could also choose to purchase something off of All Time Low’s website because any money made from their online store for the next week is being given to Greater Houston Community Foundation.

With everything going on I’ve had “Faint Not” by Jenny and Tyler in my head a lot recently. I think it’s a good reminder during this time of how important love and hope are. I’m praying for the people in Houston, and sending love your way.

“O my soul, faint not, no, faint not O my soul, keep up, up
In love”


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